Parveen Sultana পাৰৱীন চুলতানা

6 thoughts on “Parveen Sultana পাৰৱীন চুলতানা

  1. Dear Administrator, this is a very praiseworthy work from your side. You provide us those invaluable numbers of Assamese music which is not easily accessible. This would be my kind request to you: will you please provide us the songs of Dr. Anima Choudhury ?

  2. Dear administrators
    can I make you a humble request ? can you upload songs of Rubi Sinha? do remember “Bandhu meli de toor dukhor dukhoni hat aebar jironi lou bookur xital sat “

  3. Would greatly appreciate to have “Kon Nirjan Parat Bohisila” and “Tumi Kokil Moi Kakoli” of Begam Parveen Sultana

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