Pulak Banerjee পুলক বেনাৰ্জি

9 thoughts on “Pulak Banerjee পুলক বেনাৰ্জি

  1. Aru keitaman gan ase.1) “phular dore morohi jowa,jeewan hobo pare,tene kiya tumi ashis diya phul hoi phulibole”. 2)”Moi ajupi Madar,phuli asu tomar podulit,pujar babe kiyo Bakul lage moi nirobe Bhabi thaku”.If possible kindly upload. Nice songs.

  2. The splendid melody of these songs infuse the atmosphere with nostalgia of yester years that gives a shot to the desire to live a bit longer.

  3. wonderful.the more you listen ,the more you yearn . aei gan boror cassette ulaisil year 1992-93 manot. aetiau iman fresh lage. his voice is so sweet.

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